Template CabToText

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This is an important template, used by some of the other common Wiki templates.

It takes in a cabinet number or area number, and outputs the QR-code name, as text.

This can be used either for listings or for linking.

It's implemented as a tedious list of checks that test the input number and outputs text where there's a match.


Please don't edit this template unless you really know what you're doing!

It's tempting to reorganise the list to make it easier to read and edit, but any extra spaces or line-breaks present in the list when it's saved will badly mess up the results on every page that uses the template, directly or indirectly, by adding a LOT of unwanted linebreaks and whitespace.

Before making any changes, try out the new template contents on Template:CabTotext_test , and only paste the code back here if the results definitely work well.

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