Tank Transporter (Dinky Toys 660)

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Tank Transporter (Dinky Toys 660)

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A dark green military Thornycroft Mighty Antar Tractor Tank Transporter, Dinky Toys 660, made by Meccano Ltd from 1956 to 1964.

1956: Tank Transporter, Dinky 660
1958 catalogue image, Dinky 660

1956 promotional text:

It is quite a long time since a new Army model was added to the range, but the Tank Transporter, Dinky Supertoys No. 660, introduced this month should more than satisfy those collectors who have asked for another Army vehicle.

The Centurion Tank is an established favourite with Dinky Toys and Supertoys collectors, but to make the best use of this fine model a special vehicle is required to enable the Tank to be carried safely and speedily along ordinary roads. In actual practice, when tanks have to be moved for a considerable distance along main roads they are usually loaded on specially designed transporters or carriers, and now with the new Dinky Supertoys Tank Transporter collectors can carry out the correct practice in miniature.

To carry loads the size and weight on a modern military tank the transporters must be exceptionally sturdy and powerful. There are several vehicles used for this type of work in actual practice, but the one chosen for our new Dinky Supertoy is exceptionally interesting. It is the Thornycroft Mighty Antar tractor and is fitted with a semi-trailer specially designed to enable tanks to be loaded and carried easily and quickly.

The Mighty Antar is powerful and sturdy in construction. It has twin driven rear axles mounted in a special bogie unit, and will haul exceptionally heavy loads along roads or over rough country. The new Dinky Supertoy captures in full measure the impression of power and strength given by the real tractor, and the large capacity petrol tanks, storage boxes, winch and details of the rear springs are faithfully represented in the model. Indeed, although all Dinky Toys and Supertoys are rightly famous for their detail, this new model is one of the best I have seen in this respect.

The semi-trailer is pivoted to the tractor in such a way that the model can be driven over obstacles without straining the coupling arrangement. It has six wheels, four on the rear axle, and an interesting feature of both the tractor and the semi-trailer is that one axle in each case is mounted in slotted bearings, so that all the wheels remain on the ground even if the surface over which it is driven is not level.

The semi-trailer is exceptionally well made, with hinged ramps at the rear to allow a tank to be driven or hauled into place. These ramps have slotted holes through which the pivot pin is passed. When the model is ready for the road, and the ramps are raised, they drop to the limit of the slots and are automatically held in place.

... when the tank is on the semi-trailer it is located by special guide rails and blocks, so the Tank Transporter can be operated over rough country without any danger of the Tank sliding out of place. ... As usual a miniature driver is fitted.

— , Dinky News, , Meccano Magazine, , June 1956

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