Super Motorway

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The Chad Valley Motorised Super Motorway slotcar system appears to have been basically the same spring-driven system as the later version of the Matchbox Motorway, that included a central roundabout.

Official description:

Your Super Motorway is especially suitable for all model car collectors. It is a completely new traffic game of skill for young and old. It will bring your model cars to life – racing cars, saloon cars, lorries, special vehicles of all kinds, the only exceptions being the very large models which are too wide for the track or too long to go round the bends.

The Chad Valley Super Motorway has a very high powered electric motor and will take up to at least 30 vehicles of all types. You can create long queues of cars just as you can see on the roads, or you can form them into small groups running in opposite directions on different tracks.

These cars can be manouvered from the inner and outer tracks simply by operating the four change points on the centre roundabout: skill is required to avoid pile-ups. With practice and care you will soon be able to operate this motorway at speed so that the vehicles are switched from one road to the other at the roundabout without collisions.

— , Chad Valley, , Motorised Super Motorway Instruction Booklet,

(max voltage 10V-12V)

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