Submarine Boat (Bing 13331)

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A grey clockwork model of a simple Submarine Boat with a periscope tube, propellor and rudder, and lower stabiliser fin, made by Bing of Nuremberg, probably some time around ~1906.


The Bing 1906 catalogue has a page dedicated to the Bing "Model Submarine Boat", which by 1906 was available in five versions: four versions numbered 13331/0 to 13331/3, and a "new" version shoehorned in between /0 and /1, /0½

Operation (1906 catalogue description)

" The model submarine imitates in a surprising manner the movement of its large prototypes. First it floats for a short time on the surface of the water, then, suddenly, just as if an enemy was on its track, it dives, quick as a dart into the deep and disappears from view. Suddenly it appears again at a spot where even the most attentive opnlooker hardly expected it; and as if it just comes up to learn what is happening in daylight, and thereby arrange its mode of attack, the slender boat glides along with its proud flags flying, to disappear again suddenly under the surface. In fact it is an interesting and therefore an exciting and entertaining proceeding.
It is impossible for the boat to sink.
In order to increase the value of these models for instruction, we give, free of charge and franco with every boat, an illustrated printed pamphlet containing a short history of submarine boats, navigation and warfare. "


  • The 1906 Bing Toy Catalogue, reprint (New Cavendish, 1991) ISBN 0904568520 pp.123

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