Streamlinia motor boat (Bassett-Lowke)

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The "Streamlinia" design of model motor boat appeared in the 1930s, and was still selling (in steam and electric versions) in the 1950s. The model seems to have been a solid seller, as it was featured on the fromnt cover of a number of B-L "Model Shipping and Engineering" catalogues, along with their 1:16 scale traction engine (and a part-built railway loco).

1935 promotional text:

"STREAMLINIA" – the sensation of the Motor Boat world, the smartest design yet in metre models, has done 10 knots, fast, reliable, easy to manipulate, and exquisitely finished. Complete set of parts, or just hull and machinery supplied. Finished model costs 9 gns.

— , -, , Meccano Magazine advert, , 1935

1956(?) catalogue text:


This model is the result of much careful experiment and is a swift, efficient and reliable craft. The first sample under trials ran at 3 1/2 knots continuously for half an hour.

The Streamlinia as a hard chine V-bottom hull carved form the solid. It has a slipper stern and shell-back giving a vivid impression of speed.

The model may be relied upon to give a satisfactory performance and is an excellent example of fine craftsmanship.

General Details and Specification of both Steam and Electric Models

The hull 3" 3' long × 8' beam is carved from carefully selected seasoned timber, and is fitted with wood deck and superstructure. The steel propellor shaft runs in a brass stern tube properly bushed, fitted with watertight gland and supported in a cast brass bracket.

All deck fittings and rudder are made of non-ferrous metal, finished plated or painted. Workmanship throughout is of the highest and the painting and finishing may be relied upon to withstand the effects of sun, wind and water.

— , -, , B-L Model Shipping and Engineering catalogue, blue, , ~1956

~1956? A two-page spread in the Bassett-Lowke "Model Shipping and Engineering" catalogue (blue cover), now offering the "Streamlinia" boat in both steam and electric versions