Stationary steam engine (Bowman 122)

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Stationary steam engine (Bowman 122)

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Arch Two , Area 5
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A ~1931 Bowman 122 stationary steam engine, with a red base, complete with its original wooden box with Bowman graphics stencilled onto both ends.

~1931: Bowman Model 122 Stationary Steam Engine

~1931 catalogue description:

STATIONARY STEAM ENGINE for driving Meccano and other models



A FINE example of solid British workmanship. Will also turn a sewing machine, but owing to the twin-cylinders is specially suitable where great power at slow speeds is required. It drives a dynamo and attains a speed of 2,000 rpm. With suitable pulley blocks will lift over 100 lbs in a crane. Runs for 30 minutes. Bases are drilled with standard "Meccano" pattern equidistant holes, by kind permission.


Highly polished brass and steel throughout. Polished brass boiler 7" × 2", with overflow tap. New Bowman safety valve and whistle. Two brass cylinders and pistons with grooved oil-retaining rings. Stroke 78". Heavy turned brass flywheel, 1 12 × 716, and two small flywheels. Two-speed gear, two brass driving pulleys. Steam tap for regulating speed. Low gear spindle will take Meccano pulleys, chain-sprockets, etc. Automatic adjustable drip-feed lubricator giving constant supply of oil. Drilled metal base treated with heatproof paint, 8 12" × 11". Steam exhausts through chimney. Complete with safety lamp, filling funnel, and instructions in strong wood box. Fully guaranteed. For Model Engineers who prefer to construct their own engines, this model is supplied in loose parts at same price but without guarantee.

The engine was donated to the museum in August 2020.