Standard Tank Locomotive 112 (Bing for Bassett-Lowke, gauge 1)

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Standard Tank Locomotive 112 (Bing for Bassett-Lowke, gauge 1)

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A black gauge 1 0-4-0 Standard Tank Locomotive, number 112, made by Bing for Bassett-Lowke.

The Bassett-Lowke "112"

The "112" 0-4-0 tank loco was one of the company's favourite locos lines. A good-looking loco with a pleasing amount of physical detailing in gauge 1 (rails, valves on top of the steam dome, and so on), and arguably even cuter in gauge 0, the loco was numbered 112 as a reference to the address of the company's shop at 112 High Holborn, London, which one can imagine sold rather a lot of them. If one was a salesman at 112 High Holborn, it would have been easy to point out the "112" on the loco's side as proof that this was a product that the company was very, very proud of.

The "112" was available is six different railway company liveries, giving buyers a choice of black, red, green or (thanks to the Caledonian Railway) blue. To make absolutely sure that customers had absolutely no excuse for NOT buying one, it also came in clockwork, electric or steam versions, and was supplied in gauge 1 or gauge 0.

This combination of six railway liveries, three drive types and two gauges mean that this one loco style was available in 6×3×2 = thirty-six different versions!

1937 catalogue text:

Scale STANDARD TANK Locomotive No. 112

Clockwork, Steam and Electric, Gauge No.1

MOST British companies possess at least a few 0-4-0 tank engines, and our design is based on a type introduced by the late London and South Western Railway for motor trains. Vast numbers of engines with this wheel arrangement are employed in manufacturers' works, and by contractors and others.


Frames and superstructure. – Best tinned steel plate, stamped out with powerful press tools.
Wheels. – Turned cast-iron, with flanges of standard dimensions.
Finish. – hand enamelled and lined in correct L.M.S., C.R., L.N.E.R., L. & N.W.R., G.W.R., and S.R. colours.
Clockwork-Movement. – Four-coupled powerful, clockwork mechanism. Latest pattern governors, reversing motion, and brake actuated from rail or cab.
Steam. – Plain cylindrical pattern brass boiler. Tested to 45 lbs. pressure.
Cylinders and Motion. – Standard piston valve cylinder with scale model connecting and coupling rods. Wheels eccentrics and lever reversing from track cab.
Fittings. – Covered safety valve, whistle, spring buffers, vaporizing spirit lamp, regulator.
Lubrication. – Special smoke-box lubricator with regulating cock.
Electric Models. – No. 21/1 C.E. Fitted with Continental Sequence reversing type motor, suitable for Alternating Current 6-10 volts.


No. 21/1. Clockwork model, 1 3/4 in. gauge, length 10 1/4 in. ... special value 30/-
No 21/1S. Steam model, 1 3/4 in. gauge, length 10 1/4 in. ... 50/-
No. 21/1E. Electric model, with Sequence Reversing motor, 1 3/4 in. gauge, length 10 1/4 in. ... 35/-

These models are brand-new – only being reduced to make way for new stock

— Bassett-Lowke Model Railway catalogue, November 1937