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The dark grey wooden spire of St. Paul's Church (on West Street, between the Clock Tower and the sea) is one of the major landmarks of the area.

An Underground Church. — In Russell Street, Brighton, wherein the fishing population of Brighton is concentrated, there is slowly drawing towards completion a building designed to be a chapel of ease to St. Paul’s. The floor of this building is over 30 ft. below the surface of the road in Russell Street, has its principal and only entrance and exit at the south-east corner, and has to be descended to by a long flight of stone steps. There is a nave, in length about 80 ft., measuring from the foot of the stairs to the north end; the altar being placed at the north end, facing the stairs. On the west side, and divided from the nave by six columns of Bath stone, having pointed arches springing from them, is an aisle somewhere about 20 ft. wide, at the north end of which is a vestry, having a gallery over it to receive an organ. In form the church is a long parallelogram, 132 ft. by 50 ft. Its cost is likely to amount to about £8,000, and will be borne by the Rev. A. D. Wagner. Mr. Wagner certainly never scruples to pay for having his own way.

— , -, , The Builder, , 13th February 1875

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