Skeleton marionette (Pelham Puppets)

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Skeleton marionette (Pelham Puppets)

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Skeleton Marionette made by Pelham Puppets.

Pelham's "Skeleton" line started being manufactured in 1973, and continued until 1984.


An interesting detail is that at some point in this puppet's history it has been restrung, as shown by the fact that it has purely black strings - Pelham Puppets after 1956 always used multicoloured strings to help ease of untangling.


This is the second skeleton design. The original design (running from 1952 to 1972) was labeled Disjointing Skeleton, and the name was shortened to simply Skeleton for the second version, which is the one on display. You can tell that this is the later model as the eyes are moulded to the skull from the start, rather than being the attached beads characteristic of the early model.

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