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Signalling Equipment Limited (SEL)

The manufacturing company J & L Randall of Potters Bar (Middlesex/Hertfordshire) appear to have gotten their start making military equipment under the name Signalling Equipment Limited (SEL) , but then moved into toys, keeping the SEL name for their more engineering-based products such as motors and stationary steam engines, and using the brandname Merit for more mainstream toys.

The shape of the logo (a large "S" with a smaller flanking "E" and "L" inside three rings) has a tendency to be misread (from left to right) as ESL, which can sometimes cause confusion.

Product range

The printed SEL box shown at the bottom right of this page lists the company's products as:

  • Electric Bells and Buzzers
  • Electric Motors and Dynamos
  • Electrical Outfits
  • Students' Microscopes
  • Telescopes
  • Model Steam Engines
  • Pocket Compasses, etc.

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