Signal cabin with transformer (Hornby gauge 0)

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Signal cabin with transformer (Hornby gauge 0)

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Hornby No.1 Signal Cabin, with TT20A transformer. A tinplate gauge 0 signal cabin printed with a brickwork ground floor and yellow planked upper floor with green windows and grey-blue rounded slate roof.

The cabin is fitted with a Hornby TT20a voltage transformer, with a large rotary resistance selector, electrical terminals, and a grommetted fixed cable with brown woven sleeve fitted with a circular mains plug.

This item was built for the South American market, circa 1936.

Hiding bulky electrical equipment was one application where the simple "No.1" Signal Cabin beat its more expensive "No.2" counterpart, since the No.2 had large cutout windows that would have revealed the contents, whereas with the No.1, the windows were screenprinted onto the tin, making it effectively a (useful) closed box.