Signal Cabin No2 (Hornby Series)

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Signal Cabin No2 (Hornby Series)

Hornby Signal Cabin No2 (1935 BHTMP).jpg Hornby Signal Cabin No.2 (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 1

A printed tinplate Hornby Series No.2 Signal Cabin. This was one of Hornby's most recognisable accessories, and appears in the 1925 Hornby Book of Trains as just "Signal Cabin".

No.1 vs No.2

The No.2 cabin has a physical set of stairs running up one side, punched-out windows with very thin window frames, and a hinged roof and front cutout at the bottom of the front wall for control mechanisms to protrude, if the cabin is being used to house a set of Hornby Control System levers. The cheaper No.1 doesn't have the front cutout, and has solid reflective tinplate windows, and a printed set of stairs.


Catalogue images of the No.2 Signal Cabin usually show the upper storey as having yellow panelled woodwork with brown or dark red edging planks and door-frames, and yellow stairs. This one has green edging, and brown stairs (and a blue roof).

Catalogue image of the Signal Cabin, from 1935. The piece underwent various changes to the screenprinting, including colour changes and the removal of the "Windsor" sign.