Ships of the British Navy (Dinky Toys 50)

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Ships of the British Navy (Dinky Toys 50)

Dinky Toys 50, Ships of the British Navy (box art).jpg Box art detail, Dinky Toys No.150 set, "Ships of the British Navy" (i)
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The Legend of Hornby
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A boxed set of fourteen diecast ships, "Ships of the British Navy" Dinky Toys No.50, from circa ~1935.

The scale used for the Dinky Toys ships was 150 feet to the inch, or 1:1800.


  • No.50a - HMS Hood
  • No.50b - Nelson Class battleships (×2)
  • No.50c - HMS Effingham,
  • No.50d - HMS York,
  • No.50e - HMS Delhi,
  • No.50f - Broke Class Destroyers (×3)
  • No.50g - X Class Submarine
  • No.50h - Amazon Class Destroyers (×3)
  • No.50k - K Class Submarine

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