Shepherd Set, loose (Dinky Toys 6)

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Shepherd Set, loose (Dinky Toys 6)

File:Dinky Toys No6, Shepherd Set (1935 BHTMP).jpg Dinky Toys Shepherd Set, No.2, 1935 catalogue image (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 3

The contents of a Dinky Toys Shepherd Set (number 6), arranged in a field.

The set consists of a shepherd, his black and white collie dog, and four white sheep with black faces and legs.

The Shepherd

As a "countryside" figure, the Shepherd is one of the few Dinky figures to have a green base - normally a Dinky figure base was yellow to match the colour of the later station platforms.

The colour of the Shepherd's clothing changed over the years and is different on the museum's two examples - this version has a grey hat and trousers, black boots, a black crook or stick and a blue smock, and his left arm is cradling a white smudge that appears to be a baby lamb. The 1935 catalogue image below includes the white lamb, but shows a brown smock, a dark hat, and boots that are lighter than the trousers.

Catalogue image

File:Dinky Toys No6, Shepherd Set (1935 BHTMP).jpg
Dinky Toys No.6 (Shepherd Set), from a 1935 catalogue. Note the difference in the colour of the Shepherd's clothing, and the inclusion of a black sheep.