Self-Locking Building Bricks, Set No.1 (Kiddicraft)

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Self-Locking Building Bricks, Set No.1 (Kiddicraft)

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Arch Two , Area 24
Building Sets 2 (display)
Shelf 1

Self-Locking Building Bricks, Set No.1, by Kiddicraft.

Box lid label

Set contents

The set went beyond just plastic bricks, and reflected Hilary Page's interest in childhood play.

As well as Page's original bricks, the large set included plastic window and door pieces that could be fitted into the side-slots, card roof panels, and a wide range of colour printed cards that could be cut out and slotted into the blocks' side-grooves to produce more detailed panels (such as clockfaces, shop window displays and pieces of household furniture).

It also included a stack of thick printed instruction cards with three "introduction" cards and another forty-eight cards that each showed how to build a single model, often with the help of the included printed "detail" cards.


  • 55 Whole Bricks
  • 40 Half Bricks
  • 3 Doors
  • 9 Windows (assorted)
In Box Below Tray
  • 12 Roofs of various sizes
  • 52 Cut-out coloured insets of clock, bookshelves, pantry, post office, garage, baker's shop, fire station, etc.
  • 50 connecting strips
  • 12 Push Pins
  • 50 Instruction cards illustrating a few of the designs that can be made with this set.

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