Seahawk live steam boat (Bowman Models)

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The Seahawk (~1931?) was Bowman Models' top-of-the line steam-powered launch, and the only model they made that had a two-cylinder engine (the rest were single-cylinder). It also had a higher-capacity tank, like its single-cylinder sibling, the Eagle, to allow it to run for forty minutes rather than twenty.

Advertising/catalogue text:


The SEAHAWK Model "...Two Miles on a filling!"

A SUPER RACING STEAM BOAT in every sense of the word, of which its owner may be justly proud in any company. Specially designed for speed and will run well even in a moderate breeze. Steams for two miles on a filling or roughly forty-five minutes. Beautifully shaped and finished in 3 colours. Fully guaranteed.


HULL of special patent applied for design – extra light. Length 28" overall. Beam 5". Stream-lined spray hood and alumonium wind cowl, protecting boiler and lamp.
ENGINE (see inset) Bowman famous "double power" twin cylinder model 7/8" stroke and 2 automatic oil lubricators.
BOILER – polished brass 7" × 2" with safety valve.
LAMP – safety type burning methylated spirit. Drive through bevel gear to propeller shaft. Exhaust pipe at stern. For Model Engineers who prefer to construct their own models, this model is supplied in loos epaerts at same price but without guarantee.

Complete with filler and instructions, in strong wooden box.


Seahawk ahead!

here she comes ... long deck glistening with spray ... you see the water whipped to foam and in a flash she's gone ... she's won! And no wonder, for the "Seahawk" is far faster and steam far father than anything she is likely to come up against. Her two miles at top speed is some going! The secret of her power is live steam, a really efficient double-power, twin-cylinder engine, and scientifically streamlined hull. The "Seahawk" is the senior launch of the Bowman fleet and is 28 inches long!

You can see her at all Halford's and Hobbies branches and good shops everywhere.



The best of all, and a beautiful model. Look at her lines, examine her strong engine. Overall length 2 ft. 4 in., beam 5 in. Special light hull, finished in three colours. Twin-cylinder engine with gear drive to the twin-bladed propeller. Strong, accurately machined parts. Lubrication to each cylinder by adjustable drip feed. Large capacity boiler and lamp capable of generating steam for a 45-minute run. Long wind resisting cowl over boiler and lamp. Adjustable rudder. Stern exhaust from the engine.

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