Scalextric Super 124

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Scalextric introduces 1/24th Scale

As we close for press, news is released of Scalextric Super 124, a revolutionary and entirely new slot race system.

  • Track is matt, non-skid black-surfaced, and three-lane.
  • Completely new track joints; 12 simple pins to every one.
  • Stainless steel pick-up rails for outdoor use.
  • Plug in to any straight.
  • New wider slot for universal use.

The Ace G.T. and G.P. cars are super, too. There will be a whole range available – sports and racing from Jaguar E-Types to Alfa Romeo Sports Saloons to as Ferrari V.8.

  • Forward mounted guide blades of new design on 'drop-away' mountings.
  • High hysteresis tyres.
  • Die cast wheel hubs.
  • Bevel gears, and a whole host of precision extras.

More news in depth – as soon as it is available – will appear in Meccano Magazine.

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