Restoration workshop

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The Museum's Restoration Workshop is not a public-access area.

The Restoration Workshop (at the back of Arch One) is stocked with dangerous tools and chemicals that make it unsuitable for members of the public. It also typically contains pieces currently undergoing delicate and exacting restoration work that often requires a dust-free environment. While the Museum recognises that the public finds the restoration process interesting, it regrets that, as an active workspace, the workshop has to be strictly out of bounds to anyone but authorised users.

The restoration workshop has sufficient equipment and materials to allow the complete recreation of missing and damaged parts from C19th or early C20th metal toys, and allows almost every toymaking process used up until the 1950s to be exactingly recreated, with the exception of lithographic printing.


The workshop's equipment includes standard metalworking tools such as a lathe, vertical drill and metal guillotine, as well as a range of smaller-scale tooling and a spraypainting booth.


The workshop also has its own stores and library, spare parts stocks, and metalwork paintwork and paint samples.