Recovery Tractor (Dinky Toys 661)

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Recovery Tractor (Dinky Toys 661)

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Arch Two , Area 21
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A dark green military Scammell Recovery Tractor, Dinky Toys 661, made by Meccano Ltd from 1957 to 1965.

1957 advertising image, Dinky 661
1958 catalogue image, Dinky 661

June 1957 Dinky News:

The original of the model is a Scammell 10-ton Recovery Tractor. It is an exceptionally powerful vehicle, with a six-speed gear-box and six-wheel drive, and there is room for two passengers as well as the driver in the cab. its main role is the recovery of wheeled vehicles and armoured cars up to 10 tons in weight, and for this purpose it is equipped with a powerful winch and a power-operated jib.

Scammell vehicles are noted for their strength and ruggedness, and the original of our model is no exception. In every line its appearance suggests power and strength, and the new Dinky Supertoy has captured the impression of its prototype exactly. The model is fully detailed, with a working crane controlled by a neat handle that projects from one side of the body. A simple ratchet device is fitted to the winding shaft to prevent the hoisting cord from unwinding when the ratchet is engaged. The ratchet can be released to allow the load hook to be lowered.

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