Railway platform destination board (Bing 10-6109)

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Railway platform destination board (Bing 10-6109)

Station sign board, Bing 10-6109 (BingCat 1928).jpg German version, 1928 (i)
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Arch Three , Area 30
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A gauge 0 model railway platform indicator board made by Bing. It's the UK-market version of the indicator board that appeared in the 1930 German Bing catalogue, listed as 10/6109. The board area sits on what appears ot be a cabinet area with a 3×3 grid of nine painted drawers, takes four white name plates, and has an ornamental top edge.

The base of the piece is stamped "BW / GERMANY"

Catalogue description

"Verspätungsanzeiger, 4 auswechselbare Schilder, einstellbarer Zeiger . . . 20,5 cm" (delay indicator, 4 interchangeable plates, adjustable pointer)


  • Claude Jeanmaire, Bing Toy-dealer Catalogues 1927-1932 (Verlag Eisenbahn, 1986) ISBN 3856491236 – page 69 (1930)