Queen Mary liner sectionalised card model (Chad Valley)

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Queen Mary liner sectionalised card model (Chad Valley)

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A sectionalised card model of Cunard's R.M.S Queen Mary ocean liner, comprising 13 removable decks and 1 key chart, with original box.

"All 12 decks removable revealing every item of the ship's wonderful interior"

Made by Chad Valley Toy Company, England, circa 1939.

Advertising image?

"Hamleys News" No.39, June 1936, Queen Mary. This is part of a Hamleys News advert in Meccano Magazine. The advert talks about an (unnamed) sectional model of the Queen Mary, we think it's got to be the Chad Valley one – it seems unlikely that another company would have made one)

" Now you can have a private interior view of the Queen Mary, the world's greatest liner, with the aid of our new Sectional Model. The boat comes apaprt deck by dek, and a chart indicates the important features. "