Playtime Cooker (Wells-Brimtoy 203)

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A classic Wells-Brimtoy "Playtime Cooker" No 203 kitchen ranges consisting of a white metal kitchen range with five opening doors, one metal grill pan, and plastic saucepans and miscellaneous items.

Wells-Brimtoy Playtime Cooker, No.203

No.203 Playtime Cooker

5 Opening Doors, 1 Metal Grill Pan, and Plastic Saucepans, Frying Pan, etc.
Size, 13 in. × 3½ in. × 6 in. Singly boxed in attractive interior Display Carton.

Integral packaging

The range was cleverly packaged in a cardboard carton whose printed sides folded out to produce a wider kitchen scene with tiled floor, auxiliary cabinets to the sides, and a section of upper wall with windows or shelving. The effect was to produce a kitchen diorama with the metal kitchen range in central pride of place, which provided a nice context for the item if the owner didn't already have a dolls house.