Pioneer live steam boat (Bowman Models)

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The Pioneer the largest and most powerful of the three steamboats made by Bowman Models for Hobbies during the late 1920s, and included gearing and the ability to take the power plant out and use it fixed to a table as a stationary engine (the flywheel having a central groove to take a drive cord for driving external equipment).

Advertising/catalogue text:


PIONEER with super-heated engine

The wonder craft of models. The boiler is wrapped in 30 ins of pipe to produce a dry, powerful steam for driving half an hour at one filling. Beautiful streamline hull, in three colours with rudder, tiller and bearing plate. Engine fitted with drip oil feed. The whole engine unit can be easily detached from the boat and fitted on a base to drive stationary models. A geared drive provides for two speeds, the wheels being fitted with grooves to take the coupling belt. Altogether a wonderful model of which anyone can be proud.

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