Pillar Letter Box GPO (Dinky Toys 12a)

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Pillar Letter Box GPO (Dinky Toys 12a)

Pillar Letter Box - GPO, Dinky Toys 12a (1935 BoHTMP).jpg Dinky Toys 12a, prewar (i)
BTMM map 065.gif

Arch Three , Area 65
1930s Layout, central section, front

A red 1930s prewar-type G.P.O. Post Box (Dinky Toys 12a), circa 1935.


The post box is a standard "pillarbox" type, with one posting slot and two white panels for posting information. Mounted on top is a flat yellow upright oval sign saying "Post Office", with an arrow pointing to the left.

The lower front of the postbox has "GR" in large raised letters (picked out in yellow or gold), and the back has "Dinky" embossed into the surface.

Catalogue illustration

Dinky Toys 12a, Pillar Letter Box, from the 1935 Book of Hornby Trains and Meccano Products

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