Phaeton clockwork model car, 1902 (Bing)

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Phaeton clockwork model car, 1902 (Bing)

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Arch One , Area 84
London to Brighton Rally (display)

Glamour of Brighton

A restored clockwork "Phaeton", the largest model car in Bing's range in 1902.

Pressland's book lists it as 34cm long and 19cm wide, with automatic steering and a bellows-operated horn.

Bing Phaeton clockwork car, 1902


The term "Phaeton" originally referred to a high, lightweight, highly-sprung, large-wheeled horsedrawn carriages, and was then adopted by some early car manufacturers to refer to their open-top touring cars designed to be used for recreational driving. The side profile and side seat shape of phaetons was often highly reminiscent of the shapes used by the horsedrawn Phaeton carriages.


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