Peregrine locomotive, LNER 4903 (Wrenn Railways W2213)

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Peregrine locomotive, LNER 4903 (Wrenn Railways W2213)

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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)


A black diecast-bodied 00-gauge model LNER 4903 Peregrine streamlined 4-6-2 twin-chimney A4 Class locomotive model produced by Wrenn Railways.


The loco is shown in its wartime black livery, with just "NE" on the tender rather then the full "LNER". British locomotives were painted matt black during World War Two, partly as an economy measure, and partly to prevent them being shiny, brightly-coloured targets for bombers. If a bomber was trying to target a railway station or goodsyard as a strategic piece of infrastructure, it would be easier to pick out a large gleaming bright blue loco than one in matt black, especially at night.


The locomotive is displayed on top of its Wrenn Railways box. Although Wrenn were founded in 1950, the specific "Wrenn Railways" name started being used in or after 1972, after the company detached itself from Lines Brothers, which had gone bust in 1971.

The original locomotive

The locomotive entered service in 1938, and was renamed and renumbered as 60034 Lord Faringdon under British Rail.

Donated by Bruce Bagley.

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