Percival Marshall railway bookstall (Bassett-Lowke)

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Percival Marshall railway bookstall (Bassett-Lowke)

Percival Marshall railway bookstall (Bassett-Lowke).jpg Percival Marshall card railway bookstall, Bassett-Lowke (i)
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Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)
Shelf 1

A beautiful little gauge 0 Percival Marshall railway news stall", executed in high-detail printed card, by Bassett-Lowke, in its original thick cardboard box.

This is a very, very nice piece. "Percival Marshall" were a technical book publisher that published a range of locomotive-related magazines, so the model was a form of advertising. Some of the printed posters on the stand's sides are also model railway magazines that might have appealed to the buyer.

Bassett-Lowke "Percival Marshall" railway bookstall, boxed

The high degree of ultra-realistic detail on the model (and the occasional well-executed physical embellishment such as the shelf lips that run around the model exterior) make it difficult to remind oneself that almost all the other detail on the piece is printed.

The precision of the piece is also made more obvious when one compares it to the comparatively crude card box that it comes in, which seems to be made of similar card (in colour, at least). However, the main reason why we keep it in its box is to keep off the dust, and to make sure that nobody accidentally touches its surface when the cabinet is occasionally opened for servicing or rearranging or relabelling. We don't know how sensitive or absorbent the surface might be to finger-grease, but we don't intend to find out!

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