Peggy live steam boat (Bowman Models)

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The Peggy live steam boat was one the the first three steam-powered boats made by Bowman for Hobbies between around 1926 and the early 1930s. The original design was then accompanied by a different (super-heated) boat also called Peggy – Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins had named the first boat after his daughter, and was probably reluctant to phase the name out.

Advertising/catalogue text:



A smart and speedy launch with longer boiler than Miss America. With plank lined deck and two colour hull. Strong brass engine of oscillating type, with brass boiler and safety valve. Automatic lubricating device makes for easy running. Can be set in any direction by means of brass rudder, and will steam steadily for 25 minutes at one filling


The PEGGY Superheated Steam Launch

A really wonderful production, only possible at the price by the large number made and sold. The hull is built by a special process to prevent possibility of leakage, and is finished with bright enamel. The engine is of a super-heated pattern to produce a big head of dry steam quickly, exactly as large engines do. A drip lubricator adds to the free running and as all parts are accurately machined and carefully tested, the engine runs smoothly and sweetly for a considerable period at one filling. Two rakish funnels are fixed, to add realism to the boat as she steams steadily across the pond or lake. The boat brings endless joy to anybody. It is 31 ins. long and 5¾ ins. beam.

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