Next Train indicator with clock (Bing 13810-0)

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Next Train indicator with clock (Bing 13810-0)

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Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)
Shelf 3

A black gauge 0 model railway "Next Train" pointer indicator sign made by Bing.

This appears in the 1907 supplement to the English 1906 catalogue, and seems to be the non-illuminated English-language version of Bing catalogue item 12/5108, with a flatter base.


The sign consists of a black post topped with a black-dialled clock with roman numerals, flanked by with pointer boards on either side giving the train service names.

The post can hold two detachable pointer signs (one for each side), and the two lower sides of the post hold a set of replacement signs, so that station staff could swap them around during the day as more trains arrived.

The base of the piece is stamped "BW / GERMANY" in one corner.