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Founded in 1898, Percival Marshall's magazine The Model Engineer was an early part of Marshall's subsequent engineering and modelmaking publishing empire, and part of his personal mission to bring information about modelmaking and hobby engineering to as many people as possible, in as friendly a way as could be managed.

Marshall's approach was to try to develop a community, and to regard new entrants as colleagues rather than as competitors – for instance, he was instrumental in helping W.J. Bassett-Lowke set up a mail order business in 1899 that became Bassett-Lowke Ltd., by helping W.J. make contact with some of the key people who later formed B-L's "extended family".


Everybody’s Journal of Mechanics, Electrics, Models and Tools


Published every Thursday, Prince 4d. Post Free

Founded 1898

This is your paper if you are interested in tools, mechanics, models, wireless, electrical installation work, or any kind of light engineering. It not only gives you fascinating descriptions and photographs of beautiful models and ingenious inventions, but tells you about the clever people who build these wonderful things, and about the workshops in which they are made. It shows you how to make all kinds of useful tools and gadgets, and the difficulties of many mechanical and electrical problems are explained by expert writers. It is a friendly paper; the readers are one big family, and the correspondence columns are full of helpful discussions and opinions. The advertising pages are particularly interesting for their attractive bargains in tools, engines, motors, and miscellaneous mechanical and electrical equipment. Hundreds of "Sales and Wants" advertisements appear every week, and it is everywhere recognised as the best medium for buying or selling any kind of small-power plant, tools or accessories.

Get this week’s issue; it will open the door to a new world of technical interest for you.

— , -, , Model Engineer Exhibition catalogue, , 1935


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