Mechanical Streamline Train (Mettoy 5710)

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Mechanical Streamline Train (Mettoy 5710)

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A clockwork mechanical tinplate Mechanical Streamline Train set, Mettoy 5710, with a four-piece set of tinplate track.

The set doesn't have its box, and doesn't have the tender or pair of carriages that we've seen included in other sets.


The track consists of two teardrop-shaped turnaround sections, linked by two single-track straight sections.

Lithography on the upper surfaces shows track, sleepers and miscellaneous greenery, edged by red brick borders. The undersides are bare unfinished grey metal. The straight track sections are each a single piece of pressed sheetmetal, the turnarounds also have a central red "nub" that mates with an arm that protrudes from the side of the train when turning. The nub is a second piece of tinplate, attached via slots and tabs.