Meccano illuminated shop display sign

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Meccano illuminated shop display sign

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Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

A Meccano wall-mounted illuminated shop display sign from the 1940's, reading:


The sign is constructed as a horizontal, metal, ventilated "hammertone-finish" grey box with central illuminating bulbs and a transparent backlit front panel with the "TOYS OF QUALITY" legend, as yellow text on a red background.

The word "MECCANO" is in large red-painted letters that have been individually fret-cut from wood and fixed to the top of the illiminating box, which also has an upper backplate to provide backlighting for them.

The sign is next to the Meccano cabinet in Arch Two, above the entranceway to Arch Three.

1957 documentation

"Meccano Illuminated Hanging Sign", 1957