Meccano Parts and How to Use Them (Meccano Ltd)

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Meccano Parts and How to Use Them (Meccano Ltd)

Meccano Parts and How To use Them, advert (MM 1936-10).jpg A 1936 small-ad promoting the booklet, price: 6 pence from dealers (i)
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Meccano Construction Sets (display)

A black, white and green "Meccano Parts and How To Use Them" booklet.


"MPaHTUT" was a landscape-format booklet produced by Meccano Ltd., whose aim was to explain common real-life engineering structures and the most efficient way of reproducing them using standard Meccano parts.

Since not everyone using Meccano was a trained engineer, there would often be moments where a user would look at a specialised piece that was obviously very specifically introduced to the set for something, but where it wasn't immediately obvious what that reason was, or what specialised need the pieces was supposed to satisfy.