Meccano Delivery Van (Dinky Toys 28n - 1)

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Past Exhibit

Meccano Delivery Van (Dinky Toys 28n - 1)

Meccano Delivery Van (Dinky Toys 28n).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 25
The Legend of Hornby
Shelf 4

A very rare yellow lead cast Dinky Toys Delivery Van 28n, first casting.

This is the first, "1920's-style" version of the van, dating from 1935.

It has yellow paintwork, a silver grille, metal wheels, and the sides are lettered "MECCANO" (in red with spaced black outline), and "ENGINEERING FOR BOYS".

The van used the Hornby Modelled Miniatures 22d Delivery Van moulding, which was discontinued the following year.

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