Meccano Clockwork Motor No2, pre-WW1 (Märklin for Meccano Ltd)

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Meccano Clockwork Motor No2, pre-WW1 (Märklin for Meccano Ltd)

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A large bare metal Meccano No.2 Clockwork Motor made by Märklin, presumably some time between the founding of Meccano Ltd. (~1908) and the outbreak of World War One (1914). It's far larger than the later Meccano Ltd. catalogue motors, and is around the same size as a paperback book.

Märklin is known to have produced Meccano Ltd.'s original No.1 motors, until the War put an end to commercial trading between the two countries and Meccano Ltd. started making them themselves, so this would seem to be an additional pre-war motor, perhaps as late as 1914. The piece would seem to be extremely rare in the UK, as we'd never seen one or spoken to anyone who'd seen one before this example appeared. However, we don't know whether or not it's as rare in Germany (where it was manufacturered).


The clockwork motor is marked "No.2 / MOTOR / MECCANO LTD. / LIVERPOOL ENG." and "Germany /MADE IN WURTEMBERG", and seems to have been designed to power a large clockwork car.

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