Matchless 10V Transformer (Matchbox Motorway UK1)

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A boxed blue Matchless 10V Power Pack, UK-1, to power the Matchbox Motorway slotcar system.


The transformer is rounded blue plastic on a flat lipped base with two mounting holes at one and and four at the other, the top rurface has a rounded rectangular yellow sticker with red border and red lettering: "The matchless power unit" / "A Lesney Product" ... "protected by automatic thermal cutout" ... "Made in England by Hammant & Morgan Ltd.".

A captive two-core mains cable emerges from one end: the other side has two metal finger-friendly screw terminals


The rectangular box is predominantly yellow with red and blue (and some white) detailing and a picture of the unit. It includes a guarantee slip to be returned in case of problems to Hammant & Morgan.