Mamod SA1 steam car

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Mamod SA1 steam car

Steam Roadster SR1 (Mamod 1979).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 3
Toyshop Steam (display)

A steam-powered model of an Edwardian roadster, with silver and cream bodywork, brass-coloured headlights, black upholstery and red spoke wheels and chassis, made by Mamod.

Mamod SR 1 Steam Roadster, image edited from the ~1979 catalogue

We're not currently sure whether there's some specific difference between the later/current versions of the car, SA 1, and the version in the ~1979 catalogue SR 1 ("SR" for "Steam Roadster"). It may be that Mamod simply changed the number because SR 1 was too similar to S.R. 1, their earlier steamroller designation number - by 1979, the Steamroller had been revised to become the SR 1A, but it might be that the niceties of whether one included the "dots" or not was too subtle a distinction, and having two products with apparently the same model number was just a bad idea.

Radiator detail, Mamod steam-powered model car, on display

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