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Lone Star

1955: "Lone Star production goes up and up". Note the selection of toys around the page edge, mostly "Cowboys and Indians"-related

1955: "Lone Star production goes up and up". Note the selection of toys around the page edge, mostly "Cowboys and Indians"-related [image info]

The Die Cast Machine Tools Company (DCMT ~1939-1983), was started out just before World War Two, manufacturing diecasting machines and equipment.

The Lone Star toy brand

DCMT had made some toy cars for Crescent, and children's enthusiasm for playing "Cowboys and Indians" after the war (fuelled by Hollywood films) created a demand for diecast toy cap-firing guns, which DCMT supplied under the "Lone Star" brand. "Lone Star" was a name that conjured up images of the Wild West, and while it was a reference to the Texas state flag (with its single star), the name also reminded children of the star-shaped Sheriff's badge that was often a key part of a cowboy costume.

DCMT invested heavily in promoting their "Cowboys and Indians"-themed brandname, and continued using it when they branched out into producing other toys such as toy trains ... leading to the slightly perplexing situation of a train set made by a British company with British-style locos and rolling stock being marketed to British families with an American-sounding name.

Lone Star Locos appeared in the late 1950s as a range of fairly basic 000-scale diecast miniature trains and track (similar-looking to the old Dinky Toys miniature push-along trains, but with clip-together diecast track), and were joined in the 1960s by the comparatively short-lived "Treble-O-Lectric" range of "proper" motorised 000-scale electric train sets.

The company went on to make rubber moulded trackside buildings and plastic scenery, and later produced a range of diecast cars, Impy Toys to compete with Corgi and Dinky.

Lone Star factories: Palmers Green Works and Hatfield

1955 trade promotional text:

A new factory has been built at Hatfield, Herts, England. This will enable us to increase production of Lone Star products, and to introduce even more new lines to our ever popular range of toys.

Lone Star products are backed right through to the public to help increase your sales. As part of our Dealer-aid Service we are continuing to organize throughout the country such attractions as road shows, nation-wide competitions for children, and special store displays. The Lone Star Magazine with its national circulation, provides valuable publicity from which you and we benefit.

— , Lone Star, , British Playthings Overseas, , 1955

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