London locomotive LNWR 200 (100Y)

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London locomotive LNWR 200 (100Y)

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Arch Four , Area 36
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A ~32mm-gauge bright red cabless "Crampton"-configuration 4-2-0 LNWR locomotive No.200 "London", with red six-wheel tender.

This is part of a collection that shows the development of early steam locomotive design. The models are all an "approximately 00/HO-gauge sized" mixture of 3.5 and 3mm scale, and broad-gauge locomotives, on 32mm track, and are probably a mix of modified white metal kits and scratch-built parts.

The original loco

The Crampton design puts the two large drivewheels on either side of the driver and fireman's position, with the axle underneath their floor.

Locomotive number 200 was built in 1847.