London Underground train set (Ever Ready T.G.10)

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London Underground train set (Ever Ready T.G.10)

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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)
Shelf 4

A red London Underground train set with box, aluminium, in 00-gauge, by "Ever Ready".

One of the few London Underground train sets ever produced.

Ever Ready were better known as a manufacturer of domestic batteries, and seem to have decided that an electric train set that ran on batteries would be a good idea (the flash at the bottom left of the box reads "Battery Extra"). The London Underground trains were electric, and the lack of competing "underground" model trains represented a gap in the market and didn't necessarily put Ever Ready at such an obvious disadvantage when it came to their lack of trackside accessories.

Contents and specifications

As listed on the box end:

  • 1 Passenger Driving Coach with Ever Ready motor
  • 2 Passenger Carriages
  • 12 sections of track
  • 1 spanner
  • 1 battery control box

  • Model: No.T.G.10
  • Gauge: 00
  • Battery: Ever Ready No.996
  • Construction: All metal

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