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Lodomo (Lotts Bricks)

1932 -     

Lodomo, along with Lott's Tudor Blocks represented an attempt (in around 1932?) by Lott's to update the Lott's Bricks range to allow more detailed buildings, and to underline Lott's' lead in the market in case any newcomer companies emerged.

The Lodomo range ("Lo" for "Lott's" and "Domo" for House") was similar to the standard Lott's Bricks sets, but included special embossed bricks with coloured textured surfaces to represent brickwork, or windows, or doors.

Lott's seemed especially keen to present Lodomo as being suitable for making trackside buildings for Gauge 0 model railways, and for a while their advertising in Meccano Magazine tended to feature a picture of a Lott's Bricks railway signal box. The logic of this was presumably base don the idea that gauge 0 model railway owners would be in the market for buildings, would likely have spending money for accessories, and while a "normal" Lott's Bricks owner might be happy with making model buildings and then breaking them up again, the model railway owners might be more likely to keep their buildings on their layouts, and add to them. However, given the sorts of vibrations caused by a gauge 0 railway, and the likelihood of accidentally destroying a building with one's arm unless the blocks were glued together, this was perhaps a little bit optimistic.

Promotional text (1)

" Lodomo: This is another set of Lott's Bricks. each set contains bricks embossed with coloured designs of Doors, Windows and Brickwork. Very realistic buildings of modern style can be made: Lodomo is therefore especially suitable for Model Railway displays, etc. "

Promotional text (2)

"Lodomo: A New Stone Constructional Toy"

" LODOMO makes possible the building of such ideal model Houses, as have ever been dear to the hearts of Boys and Girls. With Windows, Doors, Brick Bases and Tiled Roofs, all in bright colours, the appeal of these Lodomo models is irresistable to both young, and even older folk alike.
Before the introduction of LODOMO, such detailed perfection in model buildings was beyond the reach of most people. Now, a Model Railway or Farm Set will be incomplete without these delightful miniature buildings.
Ask to see LODOMO, and remember it is entirely British Made – by the makers of Lott's Bricks. "

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