Light Dragon Motor Tractor (Dinky Toys 162a)

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Past Exhibit

Light Dragon Motor Tractor (Dinky Toys 162a)

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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (display)
Shelf 4

Dark green Light Dragon Motor Tractor, open topped, with five holes for seating soldiers which unfortunately are not on display. The vehicle has caterpillar treads, and is essentially an open-topped tank.

These artillery tractors were designed primarily to lug weapons around the battlefield, with the base being a modified design of a tank chassis. They were adapted to transport personnel as well as ammunition during WW2, as the expensive specialised vehicles with limited applications were unlikely to get funded.

This model was only available as part of the 18 Pounder Quick-Firing Field Unit set.

Dragon Medium Mark IV

The Dragon Medium Mark IV was a redeveloped Vickers Mark E Tank, which, although the British Army passed on it, still became the most common tank design used during WW2. This heavily redesigned version intended for cargo and artillery haulage were only used in small numbers, but Dinky didn’t let that stop them making models of the vehicle.

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