Large Geisha (Japanese Doll)

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== this section may refer to an older museum exhibition that is no longer on display ==
Past Exhibit

Large Geisha (Japanese Doll)

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Arch Two , Area 19

This large Geisha doll, standing at 25 inches tall, is the largest in our collection.


Unlike the other Japanese dolls, this large Geisha appears to be much more cheaply made. Using the materials of wood and plastic for the structure of the doll, the hair is composed of what appears to be coarse horse hair, with poorer quality fabrics and stitching for her clothing.


Based upon these observations, it can be presumed that this doll in particular was made by a more amateur doll-maker, possibly someone with a working-class or peasant background, lacking access to glass for eyes, silk for clothing or fine gofun paste for the doll's skin, which was so often used to make Japanese Dolls. Considering the size of the doll, and the lack of delicate features or lavish materials, this particular doll may also have been made for the entertainment of a child.