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Some of the published plans for Jetex-powered model planes that were produced in addition to the commercial kits.

This listing does not attempt to be exhaustive.

The Eagle Book of Spacecraft Models (1960)

Balsawood spaceship model designs, four designed to be powered by Jetex motors:

  • Deep Space Rocket Vehicle (ch. 6)
  • Martian Flying Saucer (ch. 7)
  • Man In Space (ch. 8)
  • Earth Satellite (ch. 9)

Boy's Life (1952 and 1957)

  • Howard G. McEntee "BLM-2 JET-POWERED MODEL" Boys' Life, July 1952, pages 27 and 47
"Air Force fighters are powered by turbo-jets, extremely difficult to duplicate in model size. We use a jet unit which burns solid fuel. Our fuel is a special kind, made to burn slowly. You can't see fire come out of the motor – there's just a thin trail of smoke." (Jetex 50)
  • Howard G. McEntre "A JET-PROPELLED DELTA PLANE" Boys' Life, September 1957, page 57 – author is listed in the index as "McEntee"
" "JET" IS THE EXCITING word in aviation today, and in the really fast planes, deltas are the thing. So let's build and fly our own version – a combination of the two."

Meccano Magazine (1968)

  • W.I. Barrett (a.k.a. "Ian Barrett"), "Your full size plan HI-JET: A simple all sheet model that really does fly "Hi" on its Jetex 35 motor". Meccano Magazine September 1968, pages 488-489 (description) and pages 490-491 (plans).
"HI-JET is a 14 in. wingspan model designed for use with the Jetex Atom 35 motor. Construction is simple, and the complete model can be made from on e sheet of 116 balsa, 3 in wide by 36 in long. It is essential to use the lightest grade available."

Hobbies Annual (1967 and 1968)

  • John I. Chinn, "The VeeJet", Hobbies Annual 1967 pages 44-46
"An all-balsa Jetex '50' powered, free-flight model aeroplane"
"This rather unusual looking Jetex '50' powered model was designed especially for Hobbies Annual and on the assumption that the reader would have no previous experience of model aircraft."
  • John I. Chinn, "The "Hi-Jet", Hobbies Annual 1968 pages 48-51
"A powerful, exciting, and modern means of propulsion like the Jetex 'PAA-Loader' unit, should surely have a number of models designed to suit it, but where are they? With 'Hi-Jet', we make a beginning to put this odd situation right."

KeilKraft Handbook (~1969)

  • The KeilKraft "Gnat", 18" Sports Model, KeilKraft Handbook, 1969/1970 pages 27-27 (plans) and 24-25 (description of Jetex)

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