Jenny Lind locomotive, 1-16 scale, 3.5-inch gauge, steam-powered (Bill Hinchley)

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Jenny Lind locomotive, 1-16 scale, 3.5-inch gauge, steam-powered (Bill Hinchley)

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Arch One , Area 85
Brighton Locomotive Works (display)

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A hand-engineered 1:16-scale 3.5"-gauge steam-powered model of the famous Jenny Lind 2-2-2 locomotive, with a copper barrel, tubes and firebox, built in 1995 by Bill Hinchley of the Milton Keynes Model Engineering Society ("MK MES"). The model was left to one of Bill's friends, who very kindly donated it to the museum in 2016, partly due to the strong associations between Brighton and the original Jenny Lind locomotive.

The Jenny Lind, waiting to go on display


The model is just over three feet long, and represents the Jenny Lind from a period when it was fitted with its "glasses" windshield, but before it was fitted with a driver's cab, and after the original wooden cladding over the boiler had been replaced with metal sheet. The model is green with gold banding.

Functioning detailing includes independent suspension on the twelve tender wheels and four "non-drive" wheels on the locomotive, sprung buffers front and back, fireman's tools, and working woodblock brakes on the tender wheels.

Boiler certification

The model's boiler was certified on 12th August 2010 for four years by the Northern Association of Model Engineers ("N.A.M.E."), with a rated maximum working pressure of 80 psi, tested to 160 psi.