Hove Town Hall

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The Hove Town Hall

, also in Church Road, in the Gothic style, is built of red brick with terra-cotta facings. It has a frontage of 190 feet, and contains several suites of offices in addition to the spacious Hall, which will hold about 2,000 persons. The organ cost nearly £2,000. Over the entrance is a handsome clock tower, the clock being fitted with a set of chimes and a carillon.

The carillon consists of 12 bells, on which fourteen tunes are played, as follows:

"Hanover" / "The Sicilian Mariners' Hymn"

"Home, Sweet Home" / "God Bless the Prince of Wales"

"Blue Bells of Scotland" / "There's nae Luck aboot the House"
"The Harp that Once through Tara' Halls" / "The Last Rose of Summer"
"March of the Men of Harlech" / "Auld Lang Syne"
"The Anchor's Weighed" / "Tom Bowling"
"Rule Britannia" / "God Save the King"

The mace was presented to the Council by Mr. A. M. Singer, in 1898, when the Charter of Incorporation was granted, it is of solid silver heavily gilt, and consists of a representation on a large scale of the Imperial Crown. Entertainments of a high class are given throughout the year in the Hall.

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