Hotchkiss Racing Car (Dinky Toys 23b)

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Hotchkiss Racing Car (Dinky Toys 23b)

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Model 23b
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
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A red Hotchkiss Racing Car (Dinky Toys 23b), with black wheels and a racing number 5 in red against a black circle. The car has an enclosed cockpit.

Pre-war, the model was available in a range of colours and racing numbers. Post-war, it was numbered "5". The model was also later referred to as "Small Closed Racing Car". (date tbc)


The French company Hotchkiss et Cie was founded by American gunsmith Benjamin Hotchkiss, after he moved to France. Initially an armaments company, Hotchkiss diversified into motor car production in the C20th.

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Hotchkiss Racing Car, from the 1934/35 Hornby Book of Trains and Meccano Products

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