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"The NEW Hornby Speedboat" was advertised in Meccano Magazine in 1932. Choice was initially limited to a single model available in three two-tone colour schemes, but before long, Meccano Ltd. had a whole range of Speed Boats and Racing Boats.

The spelling of "Speedboat" was variable - Company advertising tended to break it into two words ("Speed Boat"), while the gold foil sticker on our museum example says "Speedboat" as one word.

Prewar range

The initial range of Hornby speedboats were available until 1939, and by ~1936 the range consisted of a clutch of named speedboats:

  • Hornby Speed Boat No.1, Hawk,
  • Hornby Speed Boat No.2, Swift,
  • Hornby Speed Boat No.3, Gannet,
  • Hornby Speed Boat No.3, Condor,
  • Hornby Speed Boat No.3, Curlew,
  • Hornby Limousine Boat No.4, Venture,
  • Hornby Cabin Cruiser No.5, Viking,

three "racers":

  • Hornby Racing Boat No.1, Racer I,
  • Hornby Racing Boat No.2, Racer II,
  • Hornby Racing Boat No.3, Racer II,

and a clockwork Duck Hornby Water Toy, which was presumably not meant for racing.

The boats were heavily advertised during the 1930s in Meccano Magazine, often having the colour back page, and several times earning a double-page centrespread advert (in black and white).

Relaunch, 1960

The boats stopped being available in 1939 with the outbreak of war, but a new range of plastic-shelled Hornby Speed Boats (with brass propellors and rudders) was launched in 1960.


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