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W Hobby's Ltd

~1970 -     

W. Hobby Ltd. started out as W.F. Crossland's Swisscross company, initially selling imported clockwork mechanisms that turned out to be useful to hobbyists for incorporating into models, and the company expanding into providing other hobbyist supplies.

With the liquidation of Hobbies' at the end of 1968, Crossland then moved to fill the gap in the market by renaming his company Hobby's, and publishing his own Hobby's Annual in 1970, moving to the current West Norwood premises in 1980.

The subsequent relaunch of the deceased "Hobbies" in the (1970s?) by a former employee then led to the unusual situation of there being two companies with a similar name selling model supplies, one publishing Hobbies Annual, and the other publishing Hobby's Annual.


  • W. Hobby Ltd., Knights Hill Square, London, SE27 0HH


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