Hina Doll Court Ministers (Japanese Dolls)

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Past Exhibit

Hina Doll Court Ministers (Japanese Dolls)

BTMM map 019.gif
Arch Two , Area 19

Aside from the complete Hina Doll set there appears to be an additional pair of court ministers, situated on the left side of the cabinet.


Larger than the court ministers in the complete Hina Doll set, these court ministers appear to be wearing identical clothing and to be made from identical materials to the smaller pair. The older minister, known as the minister on the left (Sadaijin), appears wearing black, with a long white beard and traditional hat. He is positioned on the far left at the bottom of the cabinet.

The second minister, known as the minister on the right (Udaijin), who was often the younger, and can be seen dressed in bright red at the top left of the cabinet.


Both ministers were traditional members of the imperial household who would counsel the Emperor in his political and military affairs. The reason that these dolls were created was for them to function as part of a decorative display of the imperial court during Hinamatsuri, the Girl's Day festival.